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Which Crystals Are Best To Connect Us with Our Higher Self and Why

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

If you’re on a spiritual journey to help connect with the universe or your higher self, using crystals will help facilitate your journey. Crystals possess the Earth’s vibrations, formed over billions of years, and by keeping them close to us, we can harness their energies to succor with the healing process. Connecting with your higher self can feel like a tricky process, meant only for the shamans and gurus to follow. That's far from the truth! To be able to connect with your higher self, you need to feel grounded, and crystals will help you achieve that.

Crystals that help connect us with our higher self

Rose Quartz

This pale pink crystal is associated with the heart chakra. It resolves issues of heart, making you feel more compassionate, and gentle towards yourself. It magnifies all kinds of love, be it self-love or your love for others. Whenever you see yourself drowning in self-doubt or negativity, reach out for rose quartz to help remind you of your worth. A clear heart helps you appreciate the good things in life.

Black Obsidian

As mentioned above, to connect with your higher self, you need to feel safe and grounded, and black obsidian is the crystal that helps you achieve that. Keep black obsidian on your nightstand or in your pillowcase to help rid you of all the negative energy that piles up in your head at the end of the day.


This beautiful stone belongs to the third eye and crown chakras. Amethyst is a stone of high vibration, one you should always keep close to you. It makes you feel connected to your higher self and intuition. It also keeps the negative energies away, so they don’t get a chance to intervene in your spiritual journey.

Amethyst Crystal, Higher Self Connection, Self Love

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