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The Truth About Twin Flames

If you are interested in spirituality, you have probably heard the terms twin flame and soulmate. This topic is very popular among spiritualists; however, I noticed that the explanation of Twin Flames provided by most of the "spiritual gurus" is incorrect. What and who is a twin flame?

The terms twin flame and soulmate are designed by the new age spiritualists, but they are based on ancient principles and concepts. When we talk about the twin flames and soulmates, we talk about ancient principles based on powerful dynamics between the masculine and the feminine energies.

Twin flames it's a pair of two people that have an intimate relationship that has spiritual meaning. A twin flame is someone who comes into your life as the opposite of what you are. So if you're the male, it's a female; if you're the female, it's a male. There has to be that dynamic in sexual energy (masculine and feminine energy). It is a partner that is attracted to your life to play a role in your evolutionary journey.

To understand what a twin flame is, we need to break down the term twin flame. We have earth, fire, water, and air elements, and twin flame is based on the element of fire. One of the primary aspects of fire is active energy which also connects to sexual energy. With the phrase twin flames, we can see that we have two flames that are both active. That means you're an individual and your twin flame reflects your active energy as you're on your own initiatory journey evolving. Twin flames don't have to be in an intimate connection, you do not have to have a physical or sexual experience with someone that helps you on your evolutionary journey. You can have emotional, psychological, spiritual, and mental twin flames without anything physical. It's mainly about the energy field, but you will oftentimes notice that because of the nature of sexual energy, it usually does have an intimate physical correspondence.

A twin flame is not meant to be permanent in your life.

Twin flames are just like a flame itself when you light a candle, it's gonna go out after some time. Some flames last longer than others, and some go out quicker than others. They're only here to help you transit to another part of your journey. Once you get the experience and you embrace it it's going to shift you to the next pathway, the next experience, and the next chapter in your life. Once it happens it's the end of the purpose for that twin flame. Twin flames are not meant to be permanent. A lot of people don't know this and a lot of people think twin flames are their chosen partners in life, but that's not true. A person who is your life partner is a soulmate.

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