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Tarot: Should we use Tarot Cards as a Spiritual Tool?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

There are a lot of misunderstandings and tales around tarot cards, usually caused by specific religions. Because religions have been on the planet for a long time, these religions set up a system of control. And so when it comes to religion, any use of spiritual tools is considered evil, or something that will send you to hell, etc. All of these spiritual tools were demonized in religion as a way to keep you separate from your own guidance. If you could connect with your spiritual guidance all by yourself, you wouldn't need an intermediary. And without it, religion would be useless. You wouldn't need religion at all. So that's why their goal is to keep you away from any kind of spiritual tool that will help you grow, heal, and connect to the divine without religion's help.

Tarot cards are wonderful compliments in spiritual practice. Always remember that regardless of what spiritual tool you use, and in this case, we're talking about Tarot cards, use them as a compliment to your inner guidance and never as a substitute.

While working with tarot cards, it's essential to be very open-ended. These cards work well when you have open-ended questions. The best way is to speak to the cards or ask them for guidance without any agenda. For example, if you don't like your job and would like to find another one, try to avoid closed questions, like: should I leave this job? Should I find another one? Don't ask yes, no questions. Ask open-ended questions so that the Tarot can reveal the energy to you. You can say something like: Tell me a little bit more about my future job. Open-ended questions will give you more insight into what the cards have to say. Try to be very unattached to whatever outcome you will get. So that regardless of what the cards reveal to you, you're open to accepting the message. The more open you are, the more answers you'll get back.

Try to work by intuition and the cards' images when deciding what Tarot deck you want to buy. Do they pull you? How do you feel when you look at certain Tarot decks? That's how I pick my Tarot cards. I look at them and connect with them emotionally before I buy them. There are lovely spiritual instruments for you.

Have fun with purchasing your Tarot deck!

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