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Rituals: The facts that we didn't know about them

Rituals do not belong only to the category of magic, occult, hidden knowledge, or mystery. You might be surprised, but rituals are part of our day-to-day life. Here are some examples of many rituals that I am sure you participated in - baptism, engagement, birthday celebration, wedding, funeral, etc. Likewise, daily practices can be present as rituals— for example, morning coffees, family dinners on Sunday, or evening bedtime stories for your children. Different forms of rituals are, for example, greetings. You can be surprised, but shaking our hands with someone is also ritual behavior.

We participate in many rituals and ceremonies that break out of the daily routine - from baptism until our funeral. Rituals can allow us to understand relationships within our family, friends, etc. Some rituals can bring us forgiveness and peace and connect us to our higher selves. Rituals are usually known as the end of one part of your life and the start of another.

Word ritual comes from the Latin word ritualis. Sometimes ritual is interpreted as a habit; however, it is not a mere routine. There are theories that rituals cause emotions connected to symbols, which creates the foundation of faith, culture, or moral behavior. In some cultures, ritual presents a common way of performing some activity correctly. Rituals present an established form of ceremony, defined order of words, or the sequence of acts regularly repeated in a strictly defined way.

Each of us follows our routine habits. Once we wake up, we check our emails, and social media, wash our teeth, enjoy morning coffee and news, etc. All of these things we do without even thinking about it. Our habits are developed without our knowledge about them. In contrast to habits, rituals are performed with a particular focus on what we want to do. If we do something like a ritual act, we entirely focus on it. If we're going to change habits to rituals, we need to give our activities a purpose and full attention.

Habit vs Ritual

Habit - frequently performed activity whose only goal is to finish it.

Ritual - also repeatedly performed activity, however, with the higher purpose of just completing the action.

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