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Rapé Ceremony: Here's What You Need to Know About Rapé

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Rapé (pronounced "hapeh") is a shamanic tool for sacred ceremonies and meditation. It's a plant medicine made from finely ground tobacco and other herbs. Although it contains tobacco, you don't want to smoke Rapé. This medicine isn't also snorted or inhaled. Instead, it's forcefully blown through the subject's nose using a v-shaped bamboo or bone pipe. This powerful ash powder is a shamanic cleansing snuff used in various ethnic rituals and treatments. To ancient ancestors and traditional shamans, this sacred tobacco is considered one of the earth's most healing plants. For thousands of years, this psychotropic tobacco-based substance was used for spiritual, sacred practices.

The base of most rapé powders is Amazonian tobacco, also known as Mapacho. This tobacco's energy helps ground and stimulate the human body to obtain clarity and connection through challenging times. Shamans often use Mapacho during healing ceremonies to help energetically clear the space, protecting participants from harmful spirits.

Photography by Martyna Nysk

Why Use Rapé?

Rapé can be used to cleanse yourself of negative energy, assist with pain relief and stimulate detoxification. This psychedelic powder helps find stillness and clarity during meditation. Usually, the purpose of a rapé ceremony is grounding and healing. Using this substance is considered sacred and, for some people, also a form of prayer. People take the snuff when feeling low, ill, suffering from stress and depression, and when they want to restore the sinuses and respiratory system.

Benefits Of Using Rapé

If you use Rapé for a sacred ceremony, it is about receiving and always has a positive effect. You can't have a bad trip like from different psychedelic substances.

Using rapé powder can have many benefits, for example:

  • Clears your chakras (energy points) by physically and spiritually detoxing you.

  • It brings peace to your mind and helps relieve depression. When used regularly, it can lead to an overall change in mindset.

  • Remove blockages

  • It helps to focus & Sharpens your mind

  • Beneficial in an Ayahuasca Ceremony. Removing bad vibes to help you find your true intention.

Photography by Martyna Nysk

Can Anyone Do Rapé?

Using this shamanic tool should be done with maximum respect and humility. It may not be for everyone, so approach with caution. Different types of rapé have different effects and serve other purposes. It's essential to use it with intention. Before the rape ceremony, don't forget to clear the space energetically by smudging with Sage and ensure there will be no disturbances such as loud noises or movement.

Because Rape' contains a powerful form of nicotine, repeated use in a short period can be addictive. Rape is intended as a form of healing, but misuse can be problematic (like all medicines).

Physical Effects Of Rapé

It's a purgative shamanic tool; therefore, you can expect nausea, sneezing, salivation, crying, hot sweats, or vomiting. These conditions are part of the normal process of removing toxins from the body. Because rape powder enters your bloodstream through the sensitive mucous membrane in your nose, you are likely to have watering eyes. It is best to be aware of these effects before beginning the treatment.

After the purification of rapé is finished, you will feel rejuvenated. Many people feel more aligned with their inner voice.

How To Do A Rapé Ritual?

Below is the step-by-step plan:

Step #1 Prepare & Cleanse

Step #2 Intention

Step #3 Breath

Step #4 Blow

Step #5 Receive

Would you like to try the rapé ceremony guided by me?


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