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Manifestation: The Mirror Principle. 4 Laws & 4 Keys to change your life

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel unhappy in your present career? Or does your life simply suck? Manifestation is a way to change your life and career by implementing crucial keys to make the shift happen.

Let's talk about one of the most powerful principles of reality-creation that can completely change your life. To manifest your dream reality, you need to know four essential laws and four keys to unlock these four laws that allow you to quit the soul-sucking job and create your dream reality. This manifestation technique, the Mirror Principle, will help you set up a career that you will be passionate about, grow financially, and live your ideal life.

The outer world is simply a reflection formed by the image (another way of saying our internal world). I genuinely believe this is the most potent principle for every Guru or person who talks about the law of attraction. This is the fundamental idea of the Mirror principle. All the material and everything around us, our current circumstances, is a reflection formed by an image, which is our internal world.

When we want to change the reflection in the mirror, most people try to shatter it and manipulate it to change the image, but instead of changing it, we're presenting it in front of the mirror. The crucial "trick" is not to try to impact the reflection directly. We must learn to indirectly change the reflection by presenting a different image. It's like when you try to influence someone, and you directly tell them, "hey, don't do this," - they're going to do what you told them not to do. Instead, you need to inspire them, give them a good reason not to do something, and inform them that it's their free will. Like that, it's more likely that they will listen to you.

We need to learn how to influence our world indirectly. Let's go straight into the four laws that will allow you to learn to bend reality to your will and create what you want.

The Four Laws & Keys that will help you change your game:

Law number one

The mirror of reality reflects two things, your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the world.

The mirror will always reflect whatever you hold in your mind about yourself and your worldview. If you look at yourself and believe you are not good enough, the mirror will reflect that. If you are saying to yourself, "I can't do this because I'm not good enough," the world will reflect it and say, "here you go, here's more proof of where you're not good enough." So the reflection keeps forming on whatever you're confirming. If you keep telling yourself you're not good enough for something, the world will show you more reasons why you're not good enough.

Your identity and your paradigm are one of the most crucial laws. Now the question becomes how we can change this. How can we interrupt this pattern and consciously choose what we want? Clarify what you want in the longer term (10 years from now). In that final picture, what's one image you can frame that you see yourself doing in daily activity that frees your life from a life-sucking job?

Ask yourself:

Who am I?

What characteristics and traits do I have when achieving what I want?

What worldview do I have?

What's my view of the world when I have all those achievements?

Write those two things down. Form a self-view of how you view yourself.

For example:

I am worthy. I'm good enough.

Things come to me in abundance because I have this straight.

The world is always taking care of me. Everything is always going my way. Everything is unfolding as it should.

Pick a couple of words to describe this trait. Form two statements about an idea identity, something you want to embody every day, and a statement about your worldview as you keep saying it every day and reminding yourself of it. Read that every day and form a paradigm or a worldview of how you view the world.

Law number two

The reflection that we see in our material world is formed with a delay.

In your inner world (your thoughts), you can craft a picture of your perfect life or the things that you want immediately (just by closing your eyes and looking at the image that you want to look at; that's how that dimension works). However, this physical dimension (the third dimension) works with a delay because of the quality of matter (it can't violate the laws of nature and make everything manifest instantaneously. It takes a little time). The key to success is to stay with the assumption that you've made for long enough until whatever you want manifests. You must stay with it long enough until your goal shows itself.

Law number 3

The mirror of reality reflects not the nature of your thoughts but its purified content.

Imagine that I keep expressing dissatisfaction, but there's a content to my dissatisfaction (I hate the job, my boss, and the bills I have). The mirror reflects the content of my hatred. It doesn't reflect my hate; it just gives me the content of my hate.

I hate the bills - you'll get more bills.

I hate my student loan - you'll get more student loans.

That's exactly how it happens. This is why the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer. Because the poor keep complaining about what they don't have and what they don't want, and it keeps reflecting what they don't have.

The rich say, "oh, I have this, and I want this." So this is why the most successful people are always focused on what they want. Everybody can become successful by focusing on what they have and want because when you do that, the mirror has no choice but to reflect more on what you have.

So this is the fundamental difference between a scarcity and an abundance mindset. You are simply looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty. The key to unlocking this law is focusing on what you want and what you have.

I see many people in corporate careers who want to get out of it because they feel burnt out. They want to get into entrepreneurship, but they have no clue what they want to do, and they lack clarity on their purpose. So what do they do? They actually keep focusing on the lack of clarity and that it's their biggest mistake. To make any change happen, you've got to shift your focus to what it is you have in this very moment. Stop looking at what you're not clear about and what you don't have. Focusing more on what you don't have will keep you stuck with what you don't have. While when you keep focusing on what you want, the gap between your current life and your desired life becomes filled because you start to widen the limits of your comfort zone.

Law number 4

The mirror cycle.

Understanding the mirror cycle will change everything forever because if you learn to manipulate this mirror cycle for yourself, you will no longer be so uncertain about what to do. You'll see reality changing right before your eyes.

Here is the diagram to demonstrate how this reality-creation process works. Most people begin with an observation. As the second step, they start looking at the reflection, which is silly because the present is simply the delayed reflection of the past. So they look at the present moment and say, "my job is terrible; I hate it" they observe it, and they use that to form their image or attitude. The internal attitude is the thoughts and feelings we present to the mirror when they begin the image, and the mirror has no choice but to reflect it. It reflects and forms reality accordingly with the image reflection, then they observe the reflection again and then stay stuck with it. This is the loop that most people are stuck in. When you can't make an internal change, there is no foundational change for you regarding your worldview and identity.

To have control of our reality, we must begin with the image we'd like to form. We turn away from the reflections, and we turn away from looking at our current reality. We begin to realize what's around us right now is merely formed from decisions made in the past. You have to admit this, or else nothing will change. If I want to form tomorrow, I choose today consciously, so we begin here with the image. When we choose the picture and say, "this is what I want, and this is what I have," the mirror has no choice but to begin reflecting on it in small amounts. Little by little, changes will happen slowly with a delay, and then what we do now, instead of observing, we confirm.

Your whole world could be breaking apart, but you only focus on the things you want to confirm that correspond with this worldview and identity you've chosen to craft. Then you keep using that, and I swear the more you keep doing this, it snowballs into something that will be beyond anything you've imagined.

If you begin to use these principles, I can promise you your life will completely change.

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