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How your Higher Self Can Help Heal Trauma

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Have you ever thought about asking the one person who knows you the best, to help you heal from your past traumas? The person that has lived every moment of your life already, the one who knows every thought you have ever had, the partner who has been there through all the tough times with you.

I can tell you that they would be glad, grateful, and honoured to assist you with anything you ever need.

Your Higher Self is a part of you, just as much as your heart or your mind. We have three bodies that make up our whole: a physical body that you see every day, an energetic body that houses your chakras and interacts with everything around you all the time, and your soul, or Higher Self.

Every life that Higher You chooses to incarnate into, a piece of the soul is moved into that physical body. Your physical body then experiences this life, and all it has to offer, good and bad. All whilst remaining connected to the Higher Self.

Your soul undergoes a myriad of lives, experiences, existences, and places all over the universe. Every life you have lived and ever will live, is happening simultaneously to your Higher Self right now.

So why not let the person that knows everything about your life help you through the tough times?

How does Trauma Affect You?

Trauma is a chemical reaction to everything you experience. Your body protects itself by going into fight or flight mode every time you are threatened, this can be from an experience, an emotion, or another person.

If the trauma is long lasting, or it impacts our mental state enough that we relive the trauma over and over, then we spend months, if not years, in this perpetual state of fight or flight mode.

The chemicals released due to this, build up in our system and begin to manifest real problems. This can be physical illness, energetic blockages, damaging internal beliefs, and even changes to your DNA.

If we do not deal with these problems, we can live them over and over, or we may pass them down to future generations, through DNA. This is generational trauma.

So, what happens when you experience trauma in your lifetime? How can your Higher Self help with this?

To connect to your Higher Self through meditation would be the first step in this process. Here is a link to “How to Connect with Your Higher Self Through Meditation”.

It will be useful to begin the journey with your Higher Self if you haven’t already.

Once you have done this, here are a few ways that Higher You can assist you in the process of removing trauma:

Intention Setting

You can ask your Higher Self for anything. And assistance is a great one. Talk about the trauma with them and ask for anything that you need to get through this experience. This could be anything, here are a few examples that you can ask for:

  • Energetic healing from your guide/s: they will immediately begin work on you during sleep or relaxed moments.

  • Opportunities to remove yourself from the situation: like a new job, another place to live, or money to pay for leaving a situation.

  • Bring the right people into your life to help: the right therapist, a good friend who has gone through something similar, a dog that is uncannily able to curl up on your lap at the right moment.

  • Love and support: these are given unconditionally, but if you feel that you need obvious signs that they are there for you, ask them to send you signs. You will see them everywhere.

  • Tools to help you: the right book might fall off a shelf, a video pops up on TikTok, a support service advertised in a random place. They will send you what you need right now.

Energetic Blockages

Talking therapies and journaling for example, are great at dealing with the immediate pain from trauma.

But sometimes we may feel afterwards that the energy hasn’t shifted, and we are still left with memories, dreams and emotions from the experience that we need to remove. Your Higher Self can help you to do this.

Once you are with your Higher Self, ask them to assist you with energetic blockage removal.

We sometimes have blocks put in place to stop us from skipping work that we need to do first. If you have already worked on the trauma through therapeutic means, and feel like you’re still stuck, this is why. Once you understand the trauma and what happened to you, you are then able to release the energy back to the universe.

Ask your Higher Self to remove those blocks, so that you can move on and truly come to terms with the trauma and most likely learn something huge about yourself or the experience, that you can take away. These things are truly the lessons that we use to grow and develop spiritually.

You may feel weird in the coming days, energetic shifts are sometimes intense and sometimes just odd feeling. Like ringing in your ears, feeling dizzy or you might feel ill. Don’t worry, this is just the old energy leaving as your body adapts to the new balance of energetics.

Guided Mediation Healing

When you are with your Higher Self, they can guide you through your meditation to work on specific traumas. Ask them to do this during a meditation with them.

Ask them to help you identify the area that you need help with. They may show you a colour or you might feel a weird sensation in a part of your body. This is the chakra that needs attention.

Take them with you inside the chakra to have a look. What you may find there is an inner child that needs help, a feeling that you need to understand, or an emotion that needs releasing.

Let the process happen, take the experience, and let it play out. You will find that the energy shifts just by following your Higher Self’s lead here. Listen to them. Do what they suggest, and you may find a significant and emotional experience that leaves your feeling spent but wonderful.

Whatever it is that you have experienced, each thing is sent to teach us something. This can be learning how to deal with situations in the future, learning never to go near someone that displays specific traits, or even simple self-validation that you went through something tough. Whatever the lesson, take it, be grateful for the lesson, only then can you truly release those experiences that were the hardest of your life.

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