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Higher Self vs Shadow Work: Discover two different sides of your personality

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Higher self and shadow work are two different sides of your personality. Your higher self is your extension, your higher power, and the source of your cosmic energy. In contrast, the shadow self is the dark aspect of your personality. It is the demon, the evil or negative energy, which makes you feel weak, unacceptable, or mask your reality to find acceptance from the people around you.

Knowing Your Higher Self

Your higher self connects the material and mystic realms. It is your divine essence and true best friend who never leaves you alone. It becomes your light to navigate through the hard and challenging times.

Your higher self has no shape or gender. It can come to you in the form of a male or female, an animal, color, or even energy felt within your body. See it as the purest version of you – free of any biases or judgment.

Knowing Your Shadow Self

Famous psychologist Carl Jung was the discoverer of the shadow self. According to him, the shadow self is the repressed or hidden parts of the personality that the ego does not accept and acknowledge. Your early wounds and experiences develop your shadow self.

Shadow work is the way to handle or tend your shadow self to unleash your true potential and the infinite powers that reside in you to travel on the paths shown by the higher self.

Shadow Work – A Way to Live Your Life to the Fullest

Are you among those who think living a healthy and prosperous life depends on focusing only on the good side of you? Then, mates, you are living a hollow life. Life is an exciting journey. It has various flavors, tastes, and shades. Sometimes it is sweet and colorful. The other time, it might turn bitter, sour, or replete with gray moments. If you do not want to live a crippled life, accept yourself as a whole because denial adds to the pain and blurs your vision to stop you from living your life to the fullest.

Higher Self vs. Shadow Work

Perceive your shadow self and higher self as two different parts of your personality. You cannot negate any side of your personality because both represent you. While your higher self helps you find your virtues and discover your true self through various experiences that steer you towards spiritual awakening, shadow work assists you in confronting your shadow self to live an enjoyable life. Shadow work helps you heal your shadow self, surpass the self-imposed boundaries, and eradicate self-destructive thoughts to strengthen your bond with yourself and others. It allows you to love and accept yourself, even your dark side.

In a nutshell, your higher self is the ray of light at the end of the tunnel, and your shadow self is the darkness in the tunnel. To reach and get light, you have to pass through the darkness in the tunnel. Shadow work is the guide that helps you transcend that darkness to receive the highest form of light. Embracing your higher self comes when you accept all aspects of your personality. Let’s vow to love ourselves unconditionally and start our lives afresh to welcome abundance, prosperity, and self-growth.

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