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Higher Self: Does Everybody have a Higher self? Soul Contracts and Re-remembering

If you look around the world these days, you obviously notice tons and tons of people that do not have a deep connection to their own intuition and their higher self. Every single person on this planet has a higher self, every single person has the potential to get in communication with their higher self, and every single person's higher self is an aspect of the source that's essentially waiting for the person to re-remember and trying to influence them in certain ways. The main issue is that majority of people do not have the ability to perceive the idea that they have a higher self, or they are unaware of how to truly connect to the higher self. Why is that? There are a few things that come into play and they are usually connected to the soul contracts. There's a specific type of soul contract that your higher self makes with the source to achieve the purest form of evolution when you want to reincarnate on Earth.

Part of your soul contract to incarnate on this planet is a forgetting part of conscious awareness. You may ask, why? Forgetting is what's unique to this planetary sphere's evolutionary process. By losing conscious awareness you are getting the opportunity to incarnate on this planet and re-go through that remembrance phase. The reason why your higher self would even choose to make a soul contract with the source to incarnate on this planetary sphere is literally to increase your evolutionary power, or your evolutionary progress, depending on which path you're on.

Individuals who exist in this multiverse on planet earth that they're out of touch with their souls, they do not have the ability to even be able to perceive the idea that they have a higher self. Even though that same individual does have a higher self that exists in a different dimension, that higher self of that person is unable to consciously communicate to that individual. The reason, why the higher self is unable to connect to that person is because of the law that comes with this planetary sphere of free will. So if the person chose to stay unaware, it's that person's free will. Some individuals can get stuck in this cycle within our planetary sphere for thousands of years. People can reincarnate over and over and still not develop that connection to their higher self.

Nothing happens by mistake; every single thing happens for a reason. Whether you think something is right, whether you think something is wrong, whether you think something happened that shouldn't have happened. There truly is no such thing as a mistake; every single thing happens the exact way it needs to happen at the exact time it needs to happen for your evolutionary progression. Even the individuals that have no awareness of their spirit, or soul, and are literally lost within this multiverse of madness, even they've made the contract to be incarnated on this planet. A lack of awareness it's a lack of knowledge. Multiverse encourages people to shut themselves and blindly follow the rules and system, and not look into where they could gain the most evolutionary potential. We live in a world where religion has created and promoted the idea of the subconscious and unconscious being evil.

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