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Shadow work: Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

shadow work:  Healing Crystals for  Shadow Work

Darkness is in all of us, and we can't change that. Everywhere where is light, there is always darkness on the opposite side. Shadow work is the conscious reintegration of the parts of yourself that are hidden inside of us because our ego doesn't want to accept them. In psychology, shadows are parts of us that we are unaware of, or we don't want to be aware of so our ego is pushing these parts into the shadow. Usually, they are dark, negative human emotions like greed, a hunger for power, pain, insecurities, etc. When we access these memories or emotional parts of our being, we will be able to face our traumas and heal them thanks to shadow work. In other words, we can transmute our darkness into light.

Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

Shadow work is one of the parts of spiritual healing and growth. However, due to unpleasant emotions that we need to face during the shadow work sessions, it's not so popular among usual healing techniques. Shadow work is not an easy process of healing. It might be a bit hard to explore your shadow self because it will force you to face your hidden emotions, memories that are deeply hidden in your shadow. To live a balanced life, we need to accept ourselves with the good, the bad, and everything in between. Shadow work sessions will help you get rid of past traumas and triggers, heal emotional wounds, and transform us into emotionally stable versions of ourselves.

Some crystals can help us make our shadow work journey easier.

Black Obsidian

The most known crystal that helps us with shadow work is Black Obsidian. It can help you see the dark side of being a human without fearing what you’ll discover. Black Obsidian reflects Your Shadow Self. This crystal is like your brave companion who helps you to prepare the mind for the journey into the subconscious. Black Obsidian will encourage you to see everything in your shadow with bravery and courage.


This crystal softens the impact of emotional triggers that can occur when your ego hides your unwanted emotions and feelings. Labradorite helps us understand the reasons behind our emotional red flags like unexpected mood swings etc.

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is associated with the spirit realm for a very long time. Lapis Lazuli can prevent us from being spiritually or emotionally overwhelmed during shadow work sessions. Helps us strengthen our critical thinking in unpleasant situations.

Smokey Quartz, Meditation

Smoky Quartz

Known as a grounding stone, Smokey Quartz is absorbing negative energy and can protect you from external stress. For shadow work purposes this crystal helps to stabilize your mind while you deep dive into inner work and healing.


Selenite helps to clear blocked energy. This beautiful crystal is cleansing your aura and creating space for new beginnings. During shadow work sessions selenite will help you figure out who you really are at your core.

The crystals mentioned above are perfect for your shadow work sessions. Use your healing crystals as often as you can. You can wear them as jewelry, hold them in your hands during meditation, have them next to you during manifestation. Crystals will help you with your healing journey and after successful therapy, they might become your spiritual companion in your day-to-day life.

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Shadow work: Healing Crystals for Shadow Work

Selenite Crystal

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