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Glamour Magic: The Essence of Glamour. Why is your "Meat Suit" Important?

When you think of witchcraft, what comes to your mind? Most probably a magical woman who casts spells and summons supernatural creatures. But beauty is more than just a spell. Glamour magic is a way of using witchcraft and magic to enhance your natural beauty. Every person is entirely unique, and that is that individual's superpower. Glamour magic is a perfect implement for women and men who want to improve their lifestyles by using their uniqueness as an advantage.

What is Glamour?

You're mistaken if you think that physical appearance is crucial to the level of your attractiveness. A person's physical appearance doesn't attract on the same level as a whole package of the person who developed and embraced his unique character. A pretty face and body are only a shell; without a unique personality and mind, the shell is losing its authenticity.

Glamour is not only about beauty; it's more about taking what you already have and using it for your benefit. The powerfully glamorous person doesn't have to be beautiful by the media standards. What makes that person so powerful is what makes that person exceptional. It's something that makes you attractive and unique.

To use your glamour as an advantage, you must break free from the unhealthy beauty standards that society has placed on women (and men). Don't let anyone tell you what your beauty standards should look like, who you are, or your life goals. You must embrace your inner beauty, power, and self-respect. Most spiritual practitioners mainly focus on the inside, so they tend to forget about the outside. They tend to forget about the importance of their "meat suits" while they are on their spiritual journey. Our outside is the reflection of the inside - As above, so below. As within, as without.

Be the rose that blooms in the desert. It's essential to grow, evolve your style and understand what makes you unique and attractive. Use your unique charm and personality to your advantage. Be yourself, no matter what society tells you. We don't stumble into glamour; we create it, even if we don't realize that's what we're doing.

What is Glamour Magic?

Glamour magic is part of the magic which involves changing our physical appearance. It is simply what the name indicates: making your appearance appear more glamorous.

It's an old practice that was used all across the ancient world. The makeup usage began with the Sumerians and the Egyptians, who used the earth's pigments for their spiritual rituals. For example, drawing a black line under the eyes was a daily practice with magical meaning. It wasn't just to make eyes look pretty, but it was used to banish harmful spirits and energies. Through the centuries, glamour magic rituals and practices have been passed down with extreme secrecy through spellbooks or grimoires.

The origin of word "glamour" comes from the Scottish gramarye. A glamer (or glamour) is considered a spell that affects the observer's sight, making objects or people appear more beautiful or charming. You can see the usage of glamour magic all around Folklore fairytales and myths, from sirens to old crones bewitching their observers to adopt a younger and enchanting appearance.

Modern-day witches also believe that people can alter their appearance using visualization and makeup. It's a common belief among the New Age witches that using positive affirmations (positive vibrations) can change and define our external self. "As above, So below" implies that everything happening outside of ourselves also happens inside. External appearance works in pairs with the inner state. Invoking your highest vision of self impacts the physical realm.

Glamour magic is also about accepting natural beauty and embracing your inner goddess. It's about learning to love yourself, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and knowing that you can create beauty from within. Witches, shamans, and others have been using it for thousands of years for healing, divination, inspiration, and to find purpose in life. Glamour magic will help boost your confidence, empower you and make you feel beautiful. Whether it be finding your inner beauty or teaching yourself how to love yourself more, glamour magic helps guide you along the way! It's the art of manipulating reality for the advancement of yourself and others.

How to use glamour magic?

Everything in this world is about energy and how you can work with it. You can practice glamour magic by choosing what you wear, such as jewelry or cosmetics, and infusing it with positive energy or affirmations to help you attract good things or protect you from negative vibrations. When you wear glamourized objects, it transmutes the energy based on the type of spell you cast.

You can use any jewelry, crystals, cosmetics, clothing, or your favorite accessory for glamour magic purposes. For example, you can use your makeup foundation for protection. Since the foundation covers your face, it made sense to perform a glamour spell to protect you from negative energies. Or you can perform a protection glamour spell on a black tourmaline stone ring (a stone known for destroying negative energies).

Start implementing glamour magic and learn to love your body and be who you were meant to be. You are your own master at creating a transformation in your life.

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