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Feminine Energy: Light and Dark Feminine Energy

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Before we dig into Light and Dark Feminine Energy, let's learn about the basics of divine energies. We have two energies, masculine and feminine, opposites of each other but equally essential and complement each other perfectly. Males and females have both of these energies within us naturally, but usually, one of the energies is much more dominant than the other. In general, males tend to have more dominant masculine energy, and females tend to have stronger feminine energy (but not always).

We can define masculine energy as problem-solving, action-oriented, competitive, protective, and a strong desire to achieve and succeed. On the other hand, feminine energy is creative, inspiring, playful, expressive, compassionate, intuitive, and strongly desires to love and be loved. Feminine energy can make us feel happier, more energized, and more magnetic to others. Males and females use both of these masculine and feminine energies in our daily lives.

As I mentioned before, in general (not always), females naturally tend to have more of this feminine energy than masculine energy, and suppressing this can make them feel out of touch with their bodies. It can drain energy, create burnout, or make us feel less happy and fulfilled. We live in a highly masculinized world where society celebrates the masculine for career achievement, success, etc. When young girls grow up in this world, they learn to shut down their natural feminine energy and bring out more of the masculine energy so they can fit in, be accepted, and be respected. Although feminine energy is equally crucial as masculine energy, unfortunately, society does not praise feminine qualities like intuition, creativity, and love.

Light Feminine Energy vs. Dark Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is naturally within all of us, and it will always be there. It's essential to discover how to get back in touch with our feminine energy so we can feel good within ourselves and connect to this part of us. Activating your feminine energy can also make you more magnetic to others, especially those with healthy masculine energy.

All over the world, women's value is measured by their sexual attractiveness and care for men and children. From a young age, girls are lectured about being good girls, listening to authority (usually men), and preached that their sexuality is something that they give to others (again, usually to men) rather than themselves. When women develop only this side of their feminine energy, they often tend to have poor boundaries.

We can describe a woman with dominant light feminine energy as a compassionate, caring mother, good friend, and faithful wife. She is the perfect partner and friend who always gives everything to others but nothing for herself. Although she looks like an ideal wife, she lives disempowered life and often feels uncompleted because of missing her life-force energy. Usually, a woman with dominant light feminine energy lives to take care of others' needs.

For many years dark feminine has been wronged and shamed by our society. Usually, the dark feminine was presented as the whore archetype, considered evil and inappropriate. In contrast to the light feminine, the dark feminine is free from the need to shine and be a flawless woman to make others happy.

As I mentioned above, light feminity embodies the qualities of a good wife of a good mother. For example, the light feminine is nurturing, affectionate, compassionate, peaceful, positive, supportive, etc. Man views light feminine as a woman who will make a good homemaker, caregiver, and support. Women with dominant light feminine energy are often very submissive. For example, when the masculine tells the light feminine to do something, the light feminine will do it. The dark feminine is the opposite of the light feminine, and because she likes tempting the masculine, the answer will be more like, "come here and make me do it.".

The dark feminine is much more suggestive and much more persuasive. A woman with dominant dark feminine energy likes putting ideas into other people's heads and making them believe they want what she wants. The dark feminine perfectly understands the desires and needs of others, and she uses this ability to achieve what she wants.

Light feminine energy is very vulnerable, expressive, and communicative. Dark feminine energy is more mysterious and tends to achieve desires through body language, attire, facial expressions, and energy. The dark feminine can communicate by letting her energy speak for her, using the power of silence.

When is dark feminine energy viewed as evil?

Like with everything, when you're using dark feminine energy to be manipulative, sneaky, and only focusing on yourself, you're just being selfish, becoming toxic femininity. That's when dark feminine energy becomes destructive, and you don't have control over it. With no control over feminine energy, you usually don't have that balance and don't know how to operate. That is when dark feminity is viewed as bad, and some people view it as evil.

Light feminine energy deals with positive feelings and emotions. Dark feminine energy deals with some negative emotions we try to avoid. Lack of control is what makes feminine energy toxic. When you're operating from light feminine energy, you care more about the well-being of other people; you want other people to feel good, be happy, and bring joy and happiness to others. When you're operating from dark feminine energy, it has a lot more to do with what it is you desire and how you are doing to fulfill the desires of others. Light feminine energy will be much more peaceful and calm, and relaxed. Dark feminine energy is much wild, a little bit riskier, and sassy.

You can use dark feminine energy to get what you want as a woman. It always depends on whether you use your dark energy for selfish desires or, for example, to improve your relationship with your partner.

The most commonly seen example of dark masculine and dark feminine energy is in the bedroom. In the bed, both of these dark energies come out. The man might hoke you, spank you, or call you inappropriate names, but you don't feel unsafe; instead are turned on by it, your dark feminine side comes out, and you start being much wilder. This type of dark energy is not toxic because you don't view that as harming each other or being destructive towards each other. Conversely, you are dealing with pleasure, desire, and satisfaction. When you're dealing with dark energy in this way, it's okay because you have control over it.

As a woman, you want to have a sensual side, and you also want to be able to care (not just about what everybody else wants, but also about your desires and needs). Both feminine energies are equally important, and you should not suppress any of them. You need to balance light and dark feminine energies to feel complete and fulfilled as a woman.

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