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Dark feminine: Facts about a dark feminine energy that you didn't know

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Have you ever wondered why nobody talks about the true dark feminine energy? Why is this energy so skewed by the media? There is a hidden truth behind why authorities don't promote this energy. Let me explain the importance of dark feminine energy and why it's so powerful.

We have light feminine energy and dark feminine energy. None of the mainstream religions, specifically Christianity, don't provide an explanation for the primal essence of the dark feminine energy. They promote only light feminine aspects as it benefits them the most. Even in the story shared by the church, first was Lilith, and then was Eve. If you want to control a society and profit from that, you will obviously ensure that this dark feminine energy will stay suppressed. They are trying to distract our attention from one of the most ancient primordial energies. The dark feminine it's actually much more ancient than the light feminine. It has been worshipped and very well respected in many ancient cultures, but thanks to the mainstream religion, most people are unaware of the true power of the dark feminine.

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The dark feminine exists in every human being. In some, it's more noticeable; in others, it's less noticeable. The more you get in touch with it, and the more you embody it, the more you understand it. The dark feminine focuses on its own evolution and freedom, willing to do what it needs to move forward, evolve, and grow. Whatever comes in its path and goes against its evolutionary journey will face brutal, fearless energy. When someone embodies dark feminine energy, that energy helps him evolve and offers the power needed to achieve whatever he wants. We all have feminine energies, both men and women. Some more than others, and in reality, feminine energy is more potent in the woman. It's very natural for a woman to tap into that energy. However, we live in a society with tons of distractions, and most women these days are out of touch with their primordial nature. Dark feminine energy teaches you about who you are and what you are as a spiritual being. This energy pulses through the body and motivates you to do what you came here to do. It encourages you to live out your purpose because, in the extended scheme of things, that's why you came here.

Lilith is the perfect representative of dark feminine energy. Many people fear Lilith because she is known as the mother of demons. But the greek translation before the word demon came was a daemon, which stood for the good spirit. So initially, Lilith was the mother of good spirits. She was the mother who could teach you how to evolve, be free, know yourself, and not let someone in authority place boundaries on you. Just like the story shared by the church, Lilith did her own thing; she didn't give a shit, was free, and focused on herself and her own evolution. She would attack what came against her and wasn't afraid to use her power.

Then we have Hekate, a spirit known as the triple goddess. The mother, the witch, and the crone. She takes on the form of the old elderly dark feminine woman who's been through the ups and downs and understands the cycles of life. She shares natural wisdom; that's the crone. Then there's the witch, the woman who's not afraid to use her psychic abilities to manipulate reality. She uses the occult that the hidden forces around her to control her reality. She teaches about witchcraft; she will teach you about the occult, the spirit realm, etc. Furthermore, she has the mother aspect, which is the aspect that it's nurturing okay, the part that watches over you.

Everyone thinks that god looks like a man. Because of these mainstream religions, you often think about god as a man. Well, guess what? Nobody can stand against that dark feminine force and win. It's impossible, as dark feminine energy is primal and most powerful. There's nothing more primordial or more potent than embodied dark feminine energy. By working with the dark feminine, you will experience massive transformation. To achieve your goals, think about reconnecting with your dark feminine energy.

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