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Magic: Candle Magic and its usage in rituals

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

For many people, the first thing that will come to their minds when we say the word ritual is a candle. And it's understandable because, in many ritual ceremonies, we can see the presence of the candle, for example, baptism, birthday, or funeral. In fact, there is a minimal amount of rituals that don't require candles. Throughout history, candles had many types of usage, from providing lightness on dark nights to banishing evil.

Candles were used as protection from storm lightning, healing, cleansing the souls of the deceased, providing lightness, helping with searching for lost things, etc. A great example of ritual usage of the candle is that when someone was dying, people lit candles to provide a smoother passage from our world. Candles lit the way for the deceased souls and protected them from evil forces.

Candle magic is the practice of lighting candles to achieve a particular goal within a special ritual or some special candle ceremony. If you want to practice candle magic, you don't need to use candles that were sanctified in the church or use them only during a defined time or date.

Candles speak to us with their magical, unique language; instead of words, they dance with the flame. The movement of the flame and smoke indicates magical communication with higher forces. Depending on the position of the flame, the amount of smoke, or even if the flame flickers or it's calm, we can clarify if the circumstances are favorable or not.

Everything about candles is magical. Even a calm moment in a quiet, darker place lit by candles with mysterious dancing of the flame and smoke might become a mythical experience.

Usage of the candles according to color

In candle magic (and rituals), the color of the candles is essential as each color represents something else.

White Candle

Truth, cleanse, protection, spells, magic

Red Candle

Love, health, power, passion, sex, strength, protection

Green Candle

Wealth, money, happiness, growth, healing, fertility

Brown Candle

Neutrality, stability, connection with animal guides and totem animals

Pink Candle

Selflove, love, emotions, friendship, relaxation, honor

Purple Candle

Spirituality, magical power, encouragement of spiritual activities, progress in business, ambitions

Indigo Candle

Aura, third eye

Yellow Candle

Intelligence, visualization, commitment, self-worth

Orange Candle

Energy, stimulation, the attraction of specific energies

Gray Candle

Neutrality, stagnation

Light Blue Candle

Peace, patience, health, paranormal abilities

Dark Blue Candle

Variability, adaptability, motherhood

Black Candle

Absorption of negativity and diseases, banishing evil, eliminates bad habits and addictions

Ps. If you don't have a candle with a specific color for your spell, you can always use a white candle.

Candle magic and essential oils

Essential oils provide magical benefits for candle spells and rituals. If we want to increase the spell's effect, we need just a few drops of essential oil which we rub into an unlit candle. Candles must be oiled from the middle to the top and then from the middle to the bottom. When candles burn, the scent of the oil and the magic power are released.

Magical effects of some of essential oils:

Basil Essential Oil

Abundance, happiness, peace, growth of conscious minds

Cedar Essential Oil

Development of spiritual abilities

Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Chamomile Essential Oil

Induction of meditative state, peace

Jasmine Essential Oil

Love, sexuality, peace, spirituality

Coriander Essential Oil

Love, healing

Lime Essential Oil

Cleanse, protection from negative effects

Lavender Essential Oil

Love, health, peace

Mint Essential Oil


Rosemary Essential Oil

Love, healing

Rose Essential Oil

Love, sexual desire, beauty, peace

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Recovering, spirituality, meditation, sex

Cinnamon Essential Oil


Ginger Essential Oil

Love, sex, money, cleanse

Candle magic and crystals

Usage of the crystals increases the magical power of candle magic and rituals. Like the essential oils, each gemstone has unique vibrations and abilities.

Gemstones and their abilities with connection to candle magic:

Clear Quartz

Universal gemstone, the most healing crystal of all of them, amplification of energy, protection


Protection, healing, focus, insomnia


Happiness, protection, peace, patience


Wealth, prosperity, success, happiness


Protection, calm emotions, empowering thoughts


Cleanse and energy boost, removal of negative energies


Protection, mysticism, development of intuition

Lapis Lazuli

Spirituality, meditation, reducing stress and depression


Attracting love, calm sleep


Protection from evil, revealing the truth


Protection, power, overcoming mind barriers


Development of creativity, fantasy, paranormal abilities, turning a dream into reality

Rose Quartz

Healing, love, beauty, stress reduction


Protection, happiness, anger reduction

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