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Blood Magic: What is it? Is it evil? How Does it Work?

There are many misconceptions about blood magic. The word "blood" is by itself an attention-catcher. Combine it with words like magic, spell, or ritual, and the first thing that most people will imagine are sacrifices on a stone covered with dark red blood. And other images that look like scenes out of a horror movie. If you have seen mainstream Hollywood movies, you probably have a skewed view of blood magic. In reality, blood rituals are actually practiced by many various groups, including those with religious or political associations. Blood has been used for magical purposes for centuries, but the term “blood magic” is most often associated with the practices of Aleister Crowley and his followers (known as Thelema), who include such rituals as drawing a circle around oneself with one's own blood, or using menstrual blood in a ritual.

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