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Astral Projection: Is Astral Travel Possible?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Can our soul possibly leave our body and travel around the world?

If you're interested in spirituality, meditation, lucid dreaming, or other holistic practices. You may already hear about the energetic astral body or the astral plane.

Astral traveling is an out-of-body experience that people can have when their soul separates from the body and travels far away from their flesh and blood. Many people learn astral projection as a part of their spiritual development. It's used as a self-help tool and a way to deepen your spiritual practice. Learning how to transcend our physical body is complicated. But like anything else, with practice and patience, it can become a powerful spiritual skill once mastered.

Without mortal flesh and blood, our soul can supposedly do miraculous things. In other words, if you learn how to leave your body as human consciousness, you could potentially travel anywhere you want, and your imagination desires. It's like going into a dreamlike but still-conscious state and traveling to other realms in space. During astral traveling, you're fully lucid, conscious, and in control of your decisions.

The idea that humans can leave their bodies during a dream or deeply relaxed states is ancient, described in various cultures and religions. Countless people believe that it is possible to commune with celestial intelligence through visions and vivid dreams. Practitioners of astral travel claim that the experience is real because different people's experiences are similar and seem so vivid.

There is no way to scientifically measure whether or not a person's soul can leave the body. Because there is no scientific evidence that consciousness can exist outside of the brain, astral projection is rejected by scientists. However, if you want to test the validity of astral traveling, you can ask your friend to hide a few objects in unknown places, and when you project your consciousness to these places, you should be able to describe precisely what objects are there. Another way how to validate that your soul is traveling around the world is to ask your friend to visit some agreed location during a specific time. When you astrally travel to your friend, you should be able to describe what clothes your friend was wearing.

Would you like to know how to temporarily leave your body and astral travel to discover new places in this physical world and other realms?

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