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7 Shadow Work Exercises to Heal Your Inner Child & Embrace Your Shadow

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The most effective way to face your shadow is by allowing you to discover hidden shady aspects of your personality and ultimately make peace with them by doing shadow work exercises.

Shadow Work Exercises

Our shadow self lives in our unconscious mind. We are unaware of most of our shadow elements because the unconscious mind is not easily accessible. In most cases, we reject parts of ourselves simply because we are unaware of them, and thanks to this, we are not aware that we need to work on them. It is essential to embrace our shady parts as they influence our behavior and some of our decisions and actions.

Characteristics of our shadows are unpleasant for us, which is why we consciously ignore and reject them. They exist below the level of awareness. These parts of our shadow are trying to show us that they are inside of us, and the more we ignore these parts, the stronger they fight. Usually, we can recognize our shadows by noticing which traits irritate us in others. The behavior that upsets us may be a perception of one of our shadow traits. However, there are also other ways how we can identify our shadows and embrace these unwanted characteristics.

What Are Shadow Work Exercises?

Shadow work exercises are techniques designed to help you characterize your inner shadow traits. These exercises aim to illuminate our shadow traits so that we can become aware of them and make peace with them. Doing these exercises and bringing those shadow elements into consciousness removes their power and negative influence over your behavior.

If you would like to know more about shadow work, read this article where I described shadow work from a psychological and spiritual perspective: Shadow Work from Psychological and Spiritual perspective

7 Shadow Work Techniques to Help You Discover and Embrace Your Shadow

  • Journaling

  • Noticing emotional reactions

  • Engaging in inner dialogue

  • Challenging conscious goodness

  • Shadow work meditation

  • The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

  • Shadow work affirmations

Depending on your preferences, you may use just one or any combination of these shadow work exercises.

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