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20 Powerful Affirmations to awaken the Divine Feminine Energy

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

These specific affirmations will ignite the divine feminine energy within.

We have two energies, masculine and feminine, opposites of each other but equally essential and complement each other perfectly. Males and females have both of these energies within us naturally, but usually, one of the energies is much more dominant than the other. In general, males tend to have more dominant masculine energy, and females tend to have stronger feminine energy (but not always).

If someone claims that femininity is all about external appearance, that person does not understand the spiritual aspects of femininity. We can imagine the Divine Feminine as the goddess inside us. She is compassionate, creative, sensual, sexy, and wise. Mostly, these characteristics are dominant in females compared to males. That is why the females represent the divine feminine or feminine energy. However, feminine energy is present in every human being. Men can also be gentle, kind, forgiving, or compassionate.

If you want to know more about feminine energy, read this article: Feminine Energy: Light and Dark Feminine Energy

Our voice is powerful. What we say to ourselves, we become. So, it’s essential to say high-vibrational, positive statements to ourselves. Affirmations are great for confidence, mental health, self-care, and manifestation. Make it a practice to repeat or write affirmations routinely.

  1. I am worthy.

  2. I am the Divine Feminine.

  3. I am sacred. I am divine.

  4. I am a queen of creation.

  5. I embody my energy.

  6. I have the wisdom of my ancestors inside of me.

  7. My feminine power creates worlds.

  8. I see beyond the veils of this realm.

  9. My ecstasy is a manifesting force.

  10. I am secure, stable, and grounded.

  11. I effortlessly create beautiful things.

  12. I speak my truth; my voice has power.

  13. I awaken my intuitive self.

  14. I am a divine channel and vessel of the source.

  15. I love my heart. I love my soul. I love my body.

  16. I am so grateful to be a woman.

  17. I allow myself to give and receive pleasure.

  18. I am so thankful for my cycles of death and rebirth.

  19. I am so grateful to let go of what no longer serves me.

  20. I embrace my sensual energy and express myself with confidence.

These affirmations will offer guidance and peace as you explore the goddess within yourself.

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