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20 Positive Self-Love Affirmations to build your Self-Worth

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

If you want to work on your self-love and self-worth, affirmations are the best daily practice of saying kind words to yourself that will help you with that. We can use these personal declarations to shift negative thinking to more positive thoughts. While it sounds simple, overcoming self-doubt for self-kindness can be a challenge, and like a muscle, the more you train it - the better you can flex it. Developing a positive relationship with yourself takes time and practice. Please remember that self-love isn’t selfish. It is key to living a happy, peaceful life.

Saying daily affirmations is a healthy way to replace your inner dialogue with something loving and healthy. Daily affirmations are an excellent way of getting tuned into a positive mindset. If you want to make your practice a habit, you can say your daily affirmations the first thing in the morning in front of the mirror. This easy routine has the power to transform your mindset and set you out on the right path.

Repeating an affirmation has the power to affect you consciously and unconsciously. So even if an affirmation doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything right away because of your subconscious brain programming, after some time, you will eventually train your brain to accept what you keep repeating.

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Here are some daily self-love affirmations. Whenever those negative self-thoughts come up, you can recite them in your head. You can write them in a journal, on a sticky note, or even have a wall art collection where you’ll see your affirmations regularly.

Ready to start loving yourself more? Let’s get started.

  1. I accept myself unconditionally.

  2. My own love is a priority.

  3. I am perfect, just as I am.

  4. Today, I choose me.

  5. I respect myself.

  6. I embrace who I am.

  7. I believe in myself and my power.

  8. I accept myself exactly as I am now.

  9. I make time to take care of myself.

  10. I am exactly who I need to be.

  11. I nourish my body, mind, and soul.

  12. I am proud of who I am becoming.

  13. The only approval I need is my own.

  14. I set boundaries and respect them.

  15. I am beautiful inside and out.

  16. My imperfections are what make me unique.

  17. I love myself. I accept myself. I forgive myself.

  18. I allow myself to accept love, prosperity, and abundance.

  19. It’s ok not to be ok. I allow myself to feel whatever I need to.

  20. I am constantly growing, evolving, and becoming my best self.

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